Rules of Eureddision


Description of the event

The event is Reddit's unofficial version of Eurovision.

Participation - Songs

In the event can participate any country that participates in regular Eurovision.

The song is chosen by a voting thread in the country's official subreddit. If that subreddit is too small, likely to be manipulated or otherwise deemed innapropriate, coordinators can decide to choose another subreddit to perform the vote instead.

The subreddit has the option to not participate, shall it's mods choose so.

Winning song, together with playlist of top ten songs (as picked by the sorting thread) is to be relayed to coordinators as soon as possible after the voting has concluded.


The submitted song must:

The submitted song must not:


Any person, comming from country that can participate is eligible to send votes.

Voting occurs on external site (outside Reddit) that is built specifically for the evemt.

Each user can only vote once.

To vote, user must authenticate with Reddit. The only data collected and stored are Username and Creation date of the account, for verification purposes.

When voting, user must specify his country of origin (used only for purposes of counting votes) and choose ten other countries to vote for and rank them from number one to number ten.


If a user is found circumventing the voting system, either by using multiple accounts, brigading votes or via any other means, he (and everyone else participating) will be banned from participating in Eureddision forever.

Same also applies if user misstates his country of origin, either accidentaly or on purpose.


Coordinators are staff, that is responsible for running the event.

They hold the right to change the rules at any time, without prior notice.

Every song must be approved from their site (only the entrants, subreddit voring threads don't count in here). They also have the right to allow or deny entry to a song that would otherwise not be able to participate, if they agree on that decision.

Special Eureddisions

Coordinators may organise special (thematic) Eureddision at any time, however not at the same time as the original Eureddision is taking place.

All of the rules stay the same, except the limitations can be changed. New limitations must be published before national voting threads open. They can, however, be expanded or changed later on, if the coordinatos deem it necessary for the event to run as they intended.